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About ems 3.0 SA Studio

We're an exclusive home-based studio located in Brackenfell, Cape Town. We offer personalised EMS training in small groups to people of all fitness levels. View our packages below to find out more about our sessions.

what is ems?

Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) is a fitness protocol that induces muscle contractions using electrical impulses. EMS is growing in popularity each year as it is an accessible and beneficial form of exercise for nearly everyone.

You can spend as little as 20 minutes working out and still improve your cardio and strength.

EMS training has gained popularity because it is an effective and time-efficient form of exercise. It is particularly useful for targeting muscular imbalances.


Clinical research has verified that EMS is an effective and time-efficient alternative to conventional workouts for people who want to increase their strength and improve their body composition.


Demo Session - FREE

30 Minute Body Assessment, 15 Minute EMS Training, Demo Suit/Undergarment available

Try it out! Membership - R1 000 

1x 30 Minute Session per week. Try us for 1 Month without contract commitments and experience our EMS for R1000 and then decide which membership is suitable for your lifestyle. 4 sessions in a calendar month period. Please remember the joining fee is compulsory and you will receive an undergarment & body assessment.

3 Month BUDDY Package for 2
1 Session for per week - R1 400/month
2 Session for per week - R2 800/month

1 x 30 Minute Session per Week with a Personal Trainer in a Small Group - 3 Month Contract. This package allows to buddies to train together in one session. Commit together. Train together. Transform together. *After 3 months you will receive a RocoMamas Cheat Meal Voucher and you can choose to sign up for another membership.

3 Month Membership
1 Session per week - R880/month
2 Session per week - R1680/month

Your choice of 1 or 2 x 30 Minute Session(s) per Week with a Personal Trainer in a Small Group - 3 Month Contract

6 Month Membership
1 Session per week - R800/month
2 Session per week - R1550/month

Your choice of 1 or 2 x 30 Minute Session(s) per Week with a Personal Trainer in a Small Group - 6 Month Contract

12 Month Membership
1 Session per week - R700/month
2 Session per week - R1350/month

Your choice of 1 or 2 x 30 Minute Session(s) per Week with a Personal Trainer in a Small Group - 12 Month Contract

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EMS can improve recovery times by increasing blood flow, reducing pain, eliminating lactic acid, releasing endorphins, and promoting muscle relaxation. By improving recovery times, you can work out more regularly without feeling fatigued.


EMS is scientifically proven to promote weight loss. It helps you burn calories and increases your basal metabolic rate for over 72 hours. Essentially, after your EMS workout, your body continues to burn more calories than usual, helping you lose more weight.



EMS stimulates over 300 muscle fibers simultaneously. Activating your muscles helps break down muscle tissue, which is later repaired through rest and proper nutrition. Regular EMS workouts can improve your muscle tone, strength, speed, and endurance, consequently enhancing athletic performance in sports like golf, cycling or netball.


Christine Swart

I've been doing EMS with Sindy van Wyk for 5 weeks now and I can definitely feel a difference in my body.  I suffer from Guillian Barre syndrome and have a battle with balance, climbing stairs, bending to pick up something from the ground...this has most definitely improved. I absolute love this and will continue as long as possible and recommend it unconditionally.

Michelle Marais

"Wow, after giving birth for the third time, Sindy introduced me to EMS and I am hooked! I have dropped a pant size in 6 weeks. Moms out there, get suited up and Sindy will make sure you have fun while you journey with her to achieve your results. "

Quentin van Wyk

“At first I was not convinced when I heard about the concept. I got suited up and let's just say it blew my mind. ”


Let's Get Moving!

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